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Monday - Saturday 5 pm 

Delivery Service Available: Call for fees 

Mail World Office is the pride and joy of my life. Before mail and office supplies were cool, we were here! Located at 3171 S. 129th E. Ave #A in Tulsa, OK.


Nearly every office supply store in the world offers the standard packing resources, its no trade secret to have packing tape, boxes, copy paper and office supplies at an office supply and shipping store. What we offer is that neighborhood feel. You don't see employees changing every time you come to our store... its me every day unless I'm running to the bank and then you get a sign on the door that says I will be back soon. I do nearly everything the big stores do but I am locally owned and supporting my family with the income this store brings in. I have a stake in my community and I appreciate my community shopping with me. 


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Uhaul Services in Tulsa at Mailworld Office 24 hour rental and reservations

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